The young Iris Berben travels with film critic Uwe Nettelbeck from Hamburg to Munich. Nettelbeck brings them together with some young filmmakers. It is a group that meets in Schwabing pubs and in late screenings in cinema. They are impressed by the films of the Nouvelle Vague American filmmakers Ford Fuller and Hawks. Over Night Iris Berben is the star of the „Münchener Gruppe“.

“Zeigen was man liebt “documents the complex connections and works of filmmakers, writers, and actors, the camera and sound people the producers and private sponsors. It is a journey through the years 1964 -1970, which was also marked by a „lightness of being“

It tells and shows how the young Munich made their projects: cheerful and radical, to start with the courage to risk and knowing anytime to fail. There attitude to the film and filming is pioneering. It should be an incentive for all the people who are today in front or behind the camera.